Q: What keeps you doing music?

The love I get from my fans and my son he keeps motivated to keep pursing my dream 

Q: What is it that you find yourself continuously making music about?

what I Been threw in the past… 

my lifestyle in the trap before I was rapping, heartbreaks, and what I’m going threw right now in present time

Q: If you could make the perfect record what artist would you collab with?

It would be jayz he not only showed us black men we can make it out the hood with our lyrics but we can also be successful entrepreneurs 

Q: What was it like working with famous dex and how did that come about?

It was cool working with dex, real humble dude… and how the song came about was we was just in the studio vibing one night and we came up with the song in 30 min just by hearing the beat and added lyrics immediately 

Q: Describe your music in 3 words?

Motivational empowering inspirational 

Q:Where were you when you shot the money Mitch video and why did you feel Melli was the perfect fit?

We shot the video in Harlem in MELII projects and I felt melii was the perfect fit because she was upcoming at the time and she gorgeous for the roll and very talented 

Q: How did coming to America come about?

I made coming to America actually watching the real movie coming to America lol I just was being creative trying something different and my producer CR BEATS send me this African sounding beat I just put the 2 together and it came out dope 

Q: Out of everything you released this year which one are you most proud of?

I’m proud of my play it cool song with famous dex it actually went viral it was on shade 45 radio station, genius did a write up and also a lot of other blogs and my recognition sky rocketed.

Q: Is the music world everything you expected?

To be honest It’s a tough business you have to have tough skin for this industry some people will try to take advantage of you if you don’t have your business in order 

Q: Aside from music, chains, and cars, what else do you see yourself putting your money into?

I see my self investing in real estate and local businesses to help my community