Music is an industry where you have to make your money work for you in order to secure a stable financial future. From merch, tours & endorsements artists have many platforms available for them to make themselves money. One of the fastest growing financial trends in the music world is real estate investment. 

In 2014 a study showed that 90% of the world’s millionaires have done so through real estate investment. Learning financial literacy from artists like Nipsey Hussle & Killer Mike, Nitt Da Gritt looks to use their tips & knowledge to create another Dynasty outside of music. Over the years with the help of Luis better known as Luchie Rentals & his brother/business partner Cesar Pena, Nitt has been able to secure his own deals and bring outsiders into the real estate world. Most notably he has recruited DJ Envy into his power circle of real estate investors. 

With the help of Cesar and his brother Luis Nitt has been able amass a real estate portfolio worth a few million. Collaborating with Killer Mike and radio personality Dj Envy Rgf Island Records CEO looks to create an atmosphere of smart investments in the music business. Starting in Paterson, New Jersey Nitt has acquired over 20 properties throughout the United States and looks to invest more. His main goals in Real Estate is to inspire and educate other artists to make smart investments with money instead of wasteful spending. Cesar, Luis, Dj Envy and Nitt Da Gritt travel across the country giving real estate advice and collaborating with other investors. They have already given hands on tours and seminars in Paterson, Miami and Atlantic City to name a few, you can find the schedule for upcoming events here and be on the look-out for some more new music from Rgf Island Records in the near future.


1. What made you get into real Estate

“I met Luis in Paterson on 10th ave & I let him know that I was looking for a long time investment” 

“He told me him and his brother Cesar know the in & outs of Real Estate and they been doing this for a long time”

“That’s when Luis took me to meet his brother Cesar, he made a lot of this easy for me & since that day we’ve worked on everything together. All three of us” 

2. Do you remember your first deal or property ?

“Yeah definitely, my first properties were in Paterson where I spent most of my life”

“When I first started investing I wanted to start where I grew up. I wanted to make a positive impact on society.”

3. A lot of business come with risks. Sometimes you might have to invest your own

money. How have you felt with the risks of real estate as a new comer.

“I won’t lie I have taken risks in real estate but I also had to take risks in music and any other business I’ve been involved in.”

“Before you do any type of business you should accept there will be risks.”

 4. What was the conversation with Envy like 

“I already had a working relationship with Envy in music”

“I know he does real estate and Cesar asked me to link him with envy, So I made the connection because money makes money”

5. What made you want to start a Real Estate investment seminar tour ?

“My goal in this has always been to teach and motivate.”

“Growing up I had it very hard and always had to survive by myself but i had a few mentors and not everyone has that luxury. I just want to be able to help people do better for themselves.”

“In some businesses people try to shield information and keep it to themselves. Everything that I learned I want to help anyone who wants to do the same thing.”

6. Do you push real estate investment to any of your artists ? 

“In music there is a lot of money made and instead of spending on cars and jewelry there are other things out there that you can invest in that will make even more money.”

“Danny Su and Fetty Wap are both invested in Real Estate as well.”

7. If you want to let it be known how much could you say you’ve made in profit from real estate ? 

“I’ve made a few million from Real Estate within the span of 4years with the help of Cesar & Luis”

8. How many have you had from when you started till now

“More than 20 properties thought the US.”

 9. How many properties do you look to own 

“As many as I possibly can, I don’t like putting limits on anything.”

10. When you started real estate as a music executive did people in music talk down on you ? 

“I wasn’t looked down on but people didn’t catch on to what I was doing until it became a big trend in the music industry.”

11. Is it hard to run a label & also run a real estate business ? 

“Cesar and Luis are hands on so with their help it actually kept me focused on my label.”

 13. As far as dj envy and others who have been inspired by him getting into real estate with you are there any other industry figures u look to work with in Real Estate ? 

“As many people as possible. Musicians , Executives , etc .. I want to help as many people invest as I can.”

14. What’s your favorite location to purchase property.

“I love buying in Jersey. I grew up here and I just want to inspire and direct the youth in the right direction.”

15. Coming across the Internet I’ve found a few videos on the Wholesale technique. Have you heard about this & do you think this is the easiest way for a new investor to get started in real estate.

“Its Definitely the easiest way to get in because it gives you a better view how things work vs you not having any knowledge of how things work but like i said it will still be a risk on anything if it’s your first time!”