Just a few weeks ago Dj Envy Cesar & Nitt Da Gritt put on a backpack and school supply drive in Paterson. In the weeks following they are delivered a home ownership seminar for Paterson residents only. Cesar has been touring around the state along with his brother Luis, Dj Envy of Power 105.1 and hip-hop executive Nitt Da Gritt providing advice on housing and other investment opportunities in Real Estate. Their most recent seminar is in Houston. They give tips on credit and the steps necessary in home ownership.   

Cesar Pina is a property owner and business owner his brother Luis is also a business owner & property manager. They have been invested in Paterson Real Estate for years. Luis heard that Music Executive and business owner Nitt Da Gritt was looking to get invested into real estate & got him in touch with his brother Cesar. Nitt and Cesar have been doing business for years now.   

Nitt Da Gritt knew that Dj Envy was also looking to get invested. Envy had investments in Real Estate & Vintage Vehicles but wanted to know how Nitt was making so many investments in Real estate and that’s when Nitt introduced Dj Envy to Cesar. Ever since they go around America giving real estate advice.   

At the free event in Paterson they gave an in depth seminar for first time home buyers for Paterson residents only, with a few exceptions. Members of their team all gave tips and advice on what type of homes to buy and the process that goes into a home purchase. Speakers included lenders, realtors, lawyers and other important figures involved in the real estate investments.  

Cesar has dedicated over 14 years of his life to Real Estate and has faced the ups and downs in the business. Learning from his mistakes he looks to help others before they can make the same mistakes themselves. With this most recent event and the Backpack drive a few weeks ago Cesar and Nitt Da Gritt show their commitment to empowering the community of Paterson New Jersey.